2012 NZ Mountain Running Champs!

Well after I raced this in 2010 I was pretty sure that I would never return to Mt Campbell, then last Sunday night I printed off my entry form for the 2012 ANZ mountain running champs for some unknown reason….

I figured it would be a good test of where I am at and a good hard blow out- that it was!

The first 7-8km is very fast and flat, maybe just 450m vertical gain, and on gravel road. Smooth and fast. The next 7km is steep, about 900-1000m vertical gain, still smooth gravel road. In 2010 I went too fast and after about 10-15mins I was finished and had to just hang on, grovelling very slowly until the finish and ran about 1hr18min.
So this year I started very slow, I let the fast leaders go out hard and ran very easy for about 20mins. After this I started racing a little harder, and was feeling good. After about 35mins I past the Shaggery Rd (named this because most are totally F by the time they get here), it gets steeper here and much harder, but I enjoy the steeper climbs! I have to admit to doing a little power hiking here….. I finished in 1hr21min, so slower than in 2010, but I am still happy.

Post race I did a few interviews for the BCR story that is now on-line and it was great catching up with people as well as meeting a heap of new folks. On the car ride down I was lucky enough to catch up with Jono (who didn’t race because of knee surgery) and Antonelle who cleaned up the open woman’s race. Super nice and very interesting couple- there was a lot of geeky Salomon shoe talk….

It was a quick turn around, after prize giving I missioned home, getting back to Castle Hill after 11pm- made the run up Mt Campbell seem easy!


Finding Myself? Maybe…

If I was losing myself during my last post, then maybe, just maybe I am finding my feet, even if it’s just a little.

I have been, quite obviously, pretty worked up and stressed out over what the good folks at dynafit and brandex have done to me, so I am trying to really look forward, stay positive and take the higher ground over those who try and cut me down. I want to rise above the shit and this struck me so clearly last week as I drove south to the Northburn 100.

I was going solo, sans the girls and got away early with a planned stop in Stavely. The day was pretty bleak- grey, with low cloud over the Canterbury Plains- it was a pretty miserable morning. I turned off at Stavely and parked up at the start of the Mt Somers Summit Track, keen on a run and a summit to break up the 5hr drive, even if it was in weather akin to my current state of mind. The track starts off steep and was muddy, but as I moved slowly up the cloud started to thin as I climbed out of the thick native bush. I caught a glimpse of a ridge, a flash of clear blue sky and then I busted out into an amazing, sunny day above the cloud covering the Canterbury Plains- above the shit. It dawned on me then that I need to approach life at the moment the same way I summited Mt Somers that day- I need to rise above the shit and get a better view of things, a clear view that will be much brighter.

There has been much positivity around really and it is after all what you make of it. After what I feel was a less than great result at the HK100 I went looking for help and pretty much hit the jackpot as far as ultra running coaches go. I have been working on the new training program less than 1 week, but it is the first time in a long long time I have had any kind of training program at all and so far so good. It is very exciting!

I also finally got off the ground an idea I have had for a while, like years a while. backcountryrunner.co.nz is something I have had kicking around in my head for a long time. It is not at all an original idea by any stretch- yes you are thinking mudsweatandtearsultra168 and irunfar, and you would be right, there are some parallels with these great websites- like, they are websites and I started a website and they are about running and my website is about running- crazy I know….. Websites have been around for a while now, running- even longer! I do think we can bring something a little different to the table and BCR today is not really close to what we plan on it becoming- it’s like Kugs says- “dream big” or bigger- you get the idea!

Check out the new site anyway. Our first week went off- Northburn was a total blast and this week we are giving away a pair of Saucony Peregrine’s!