TNF100 2012 Race Report

Early on running with Jez Bragg- photo Oli Wilson/Salomon Australia

TNF100 Australia 2012- what a blast! I wrote a little something something late last week HERE, so will not add to that too much other than to say while I was feeling really good in my build up; I did have a really tight groin muscle/abductor on my right leg. This seemed to come from nowhere on Wednesday and was certainly playing on my mind in those days leading up to the race.

The other little note I want to add is a change in my mind set about racing and in my running in general. I am sure many of you sometimes ask yourselves why do you run, I know I do and over a 100km race I ask myself “why” many times. Long story short- because I find running a really fun past time. this was really my number 1 goal on Saturday, to have a  fun time out on the trails for 100km. I have found that I was possibly losing touch with the fun factor of running for a while there, so I was stoked to really have a good time on Saturday- I had a lot fun- mission accomplished!

Now I should end this post now, leave it at “I had fun”, but I couldn’t do that, so I will continue with a self absorbed recount of my day- I hope it is not too too boring… Continue reading


Kicking it in Leura

Had a great few days here in the Blue Mountains, in NSW, Australia. I have been staying in Leura which is where TNF100 starts and finish, our hotel is just around the corner from the start/finish line. Leura is a pretty cool little town. To me Leura and Katoomba blend together and in to one town, both a pretty neat, but I guess locals can tell the difference. I was hanging out annoying Mick while he was working today and he did touch on some subtle difference between the 2.

Anyway, running- you are not hear to read about little mountain town in Australia. I actually haven’t run a lot since I have been here in the Blue Mountains. With my new puppet master calling the shots I have been taking it very easy- and it feels great! I am pretty much jumping out of my skin and are so ready to get out and spend a day on the trails! I did a little jog the other morning and will run again a bit tomorrow I think. I have also drive around checking out the easy to get to parts of the course and taking in a few sights. Last year I did not really get a chance to to this and didn’t really appreciate what a cool place the Blue Mountains are (but I am standing by my “mountains” comment in Outer Edge Magazine…). Continue reading

TNF100 coming up!

Francios will not be at TNF100 this year- but Brendan in front and Damon behind me will be!

It is less than 2 weeks now until TNF100 Australia and I can’t wait. I am super excited about this race    and am really looking forward to getting back to the Blue Mountains, catching up with friends, no doubt making new ones and most of all spending a day out running! The build up this year has been pretty different to last year when I raced TNF100. I only found out I would race maybe 6 weeks before and had not really planed for it. I was already committed to Routeburn and raced that 2 weeks before- not that big of a deal, but I am a low mileage, light on my racing kind of guy. I recovered some what poorly from Tarawera last year (I blame this on track building on the “Hogs Back”). So I was tired and carrying a few niggles. Oh and I was hanging out with a bunch of badass mo fo’s, so I was feeling really pretty intimated and some what out of place. This was all very much my own hang up as the Salomon crew that was at TNF100 were so amazingly nice and welcoming. 10h30 something and 7th place- it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. I had a 40k stretch at the start of the race where I more or less kicked it with François  the whole time and that was a blast, I then failed for 40+k before managing to finish with what I think (correct me if I read the results wrong) was the 2nd fastest split behind KJ for the final 11km- like I said I might have read that wrong? So some good, some bad. I am using both as motivation for this . Fast forwarding a year and things a pretty different but still same same. For example- I am still super excited like I was last year and am still questioning if I have done enough training or not. That is one of the things that has really changed- I have a coach now, well at least for about 6 weeks. Training has been going good. It is strange to have so much structure again, but I think it is really needed, for me, at this stage in the game. Is it working?? We will all find out on the afternoon of the 19th I guess. My build up has been good, albeit a short/small one. Apart from a little foot scare- I was pretty sure I had a stress fracture- I have been pretty happy with it- lots of tempo/speed, pretty little on big days and mileage.

where was I? I left and it is now 22hrs later….

I think I was talking about TNF100 in Australia- it should be a blast. Super stacked field, I think deeper than last year. Maybe not the fire power up front, but it is a deeper field for sure. I arrive in Sydney on Tuesday, which now seems way way too early, what was I thinking?? I am guessing I will spend that time deciding what Lycra to clad my self in and what near idetical shoes I will race in….. It should be fun anyway, Ryan will be kicking around and I think Mick will be also, so should get a little running with them I guess. Its going to be a very light week, actually considering how light my training is in general, I think I will probably only get out of bed to go to the bath room leading up to the race I will do another little post in Australia and hopefully take heaps of photos and all that jazz.  So check into TwittBook and stalk follow along!

Some random photos to make up for a lacklustre post