Kicking it in Leura

Had a great few days here in the Blue Mountains, in NSW, Australia. I have been staying in Leura which is where TNF100 starts and finish, our hotel is just around the corner from the start/finish line. Leura is a pretty cool little town. To me Leura and Katoomba blend together and in to one town, both a pretty neat, but I guess locals can tell the difference. I was hanging out annoying Mick while he was working today and he did touch on some subtle difference between the 2.

Anyway, running- you are not hear to read about little mountain town in Australia. I actually haven’t run a lot since I have been here in the Blue Mountains. With my new puppet master calling the shots I have been taking it very easy- and it feels great! I am pretty much jumping out of my skin and are so ready to get out and spend a day on the trails! I did a little jog the other morning and will run again a bit tomorrow I think. I have also drive around checking out the easy to get to parts of the course and taking in a few sights. Last year I did not really get a chance to to this and didn’t really appreciate what a cool place the Blue Mountains are (but I am standing by my “mountains” comment in Outer Edge Magazine…).

I feel like I have had a decent look around and between running the course last year and the last few days I have a decent grasp on the course. There are a host of local folks and they run the course daily and Ryan, who come out about 10days ago, has done about 80% of the course, so I guess I could have seen more…

This just came in from the TNF100 organiser “During the event your supporters, friends and family will be able to watch your progress.  We will have live results showing times as runners come through each checkpoint, GPS tracking for our top runners and we invite you all to contribute and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  Check out the LIVE SITE

This is our pick for the mix at the top of the field and who will be wearing a GPS Tracker.  This is a 66g tracker and is the size of a match box.  We will give these out at the start line so all you fast guys and girls – be ready:
Andrew Lee, Clarke McClymont, Ryan Sandes, Damon Goerke, Brendan Davies, Mick Donges, Grant Guise, Vajin Armstrong, Jez Bragg, Andrew Tuckey, Chris Wight, Jim Villiers, Jono O’Loughlin, Matt Cooper, Dave Coombs, Levi Martin, Tim Cochrane, Julie Quinn, Beth Cardelli, Shona Stephenson, Gretel Fortmann, Amy Campbell, Nikki Wynd, Joanna Kruk, Jess Baker, Steph Gaskell. You will be able to follow their run on the map in real time. “

Ultra168’s Andrew Vize will be doing a heap of updates also. Check out the Ultra168 post on there updates HERE. I am not 100% sure at this stage, but I think Andrew will also be crewing (or chewing) for me. Andrew is a member of Team Salomon Running also and we are going to be making a game plan tomorrow with Salomon Running Australia! Salomon Australia will be doing updates on FaceBook also.

Other stuff- Steve from SportzHub asked me a few question for this really good story on kiwi’s that are racing TNF100. There are a few good interviews on TNF100 front runner on Ultra168 also.

There is a crew coming over from New Zealand, should be  a good weekend. Can’t wait for race day!


One thought on “Kicking it in Leura

  1. All the best G. Hope Vizey doesn’t get too hungry. 66g GPS tracker, that’s going to be good for the sport for sure.

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