Foggy and Castle Hill Peak

Another good week of training, some good speed stuff, capped off by a good hill session on Saturday and then some fun on Sunday- climbing Foggy and Castle Hill Peaks from Posters Pass. About 47-48mins to Foggy which s well off my person FKT of 36min from Pass to Foggy Peak, but not fast conditions and there was lots of stops and photo taking. 1hr40 to Castle Hill Peak, where I spent about 10mins hanging out and then 2hr50 I was back at the car where Jane and Bella were waiting. We headed into Springfeild for coffee- the big treat from the week!

Trig M track- only real snow free option around home for hill repeats

On the climb to 1741m Foggy Peak

On the ridge about half way between Foggy and Castle Hill Peaks

Getting closer and more interesting

Foggy Peak (left) and Castle Hill Peak viewed from highway 73 driving back to Castle Hill


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