CDR- Round 2….

Off today to Canmore (and then on to Grande Cache) for the 125km Canadain Death Race. This will be my 2nd crack at the CDR, with a 3rd place last year.

A recent (last 4 months) total change up in training and more recently an over haul of my diet and a greater focus on core/strength work I feel like a totally different runner from 12months last year.

Final prep talks last nice with the one and only Marty Lukes (sadly not over a punt this time) and Christophe via skype.

Ricky Gates before last years CDR and his course record run

I can’t wait to get to Canmore and have  a little trail time with fellow Salomon team mates Jeremy, Julia and PV.

I will hopefully get a few updates out from Canada and I am sure PV will be twitting/facebooking updates come race day!


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