Laying Low In Canmore

After the long, but thankful smooth, trip to Calgary I was greeted by Phil at the airport and when then headed to Canmore, along with Julia who has travelled from Germany (Jeremy travelling from Hong Kong was delayed). After visiting a few coffee spots with Julia I visited a dentist to get a x-ray on  a tooth that started giving me grief the day before I left home and are now taking some anti-bioethics. Less than idea, but better than a tooth infection I guess. Jeremy arrived and Phil gave us a guided run on some sweet single track. We have been filtering through the massage therapist and more or less repeated our first day here again- coffee hang outs and easy runs.

We are taking off today on the long, but extremely scenic drive to Grande Cache, which will be transformed into one big ultra-running/festival town by the time we arrive. Race day temps could be around 25degress- not bad if you have spent the summer in those temps, but less than ideal if you have had the last few months in freezing temps like I have.

I have been posting photo’s here and Phil will be doing race updates on Twitter @S_FlightCrew and @SalomonRunning and likely Facebook also. You can check out the race web site here Canadian Death Race


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