Post CDR/Pre Yurrebilla Trail

Things have been going well since the CDR almost a month ago. I, surprisingly, came out of the race better in many respect than what I went into it and the recovery has been good. The CDR was the #1 focus from about mid December, even though I didn’t really feel like I knuckled down and trained for it until early April. The blow out at BR was maybe not ideal, but was a blast. So next up is the Yurrebilla Trail on September 23rd- a 56km ultra in the hills behind Adelaide, in South Australia. It’s crazy to think I am hopping on a plane to go to a race again. My Yurrebilla training really only started about 2 weeks ago with some good speed/tempo stuff and easy runs. So far the longest post CDR run has been about 20ish km (if you want to check up on my training?? you can go here).  Pretty excited about the Yurrebilla Trail- new place, new trails and new people- can’t wait to explore the place in what limited time I have in Adelaide. There is a good map/profile HERE of the race.

Other stuff-

Drymax socks have been nice enough to start supporting me! Stoked as they are easily the best socks I have ever used. I had the bottom of my feet almost peal off after the 2011 Routeburn. Blisters galore. I then rocked my first pair of Drymax socks 2 weeks later at the TNF100 Australia without a single foot/blister issue- sold on them ever since.

I did an interview about my win at CDR with the local Darfield weekly paper the Malvern News. If you didn’t get a copy then I am guessing you never will, pretty much a collectors item by now. I also did an interview with Radio Sport. You can hear it HERE

And now for random photos that likely have little meaning to anyone but me….


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