Yurribilla Ultra

Yurribilla Ultra
– hands down one of the funnest trips and races I have been on!

I was pretty sure when I first was told about this race that I wouldn’t be going, but when oppotunity knocks, you have to take it, and run! And I am so happy I did. At first I had never heard of the race and didn’t think it would work well post CDR- I was hesitant to commit to anything post CDR and I had already been away from home for about a month this year. But things really fell into place and the enthusiasm from race directer Sadie Cranston was hard to turn down.

Pre race I did an interview with ABC 891 radio in Adelaide, which is HERE

Rather than post a full race report here I will direct you to an interview I did with SportzHub.

Overall a very successful and satisfying trip to the Yurribilla Ultra. Did the 1st place and course record have something to do with this- yes, but more so was the people I met and friendships made. It was such a pleasure to chat with so many enthused runners before and after (even during) the race.

Next up is the Total Sport Xterra Waihi 60km– aka the Kaimai Killer! With 2800mD+ it will be a tough one. I did an interview a while back, post CDR, with the Total Sport crew- it’s HERE. It will be a good race, with some has been map reader and a long haired hippy that sits down to pee among others lining up. They have been training hard together in what seems to be a budding bromance- I expect to be dragged around and beaten about by these 2! Will be great to catch up with the NI crowd and run some new trails with friends I don’t get to see much.

And if you have not heard, Jane and I opened the Backcountry Runner Trail Shop this week. Exciting times- check it out for lots of great trail running related paraphernalia.


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