How to make it big in Japan

So I don’t write much here any more. It’s a pity, I am sure the hoards of fans must be terribly upset……. With facebook being what it is (that includes lame and evil) and the Backcountry Runner blog and Backcountry Runner Shop taking my time.

But I figure I should give the old Ski Runner blog a little love and string her along just a little longer before doing the humane thing and flushing it down the toilet like one would a pet gold fish that has died and you are not really sure what else to do with.

465699_10151387315842215_1126658365_oIt is not what its looks like- I haven’t actually shit myself and am quite proud to say I managed to keep it that way for the whole race, despite shovelling a crazy amount of sports gels, rice balls and coke in for 23hrs. What race you ask, just the big bad Ultra Trail Mt Fuij- 161km and 9100 vertical meters of gain. It was a pretty amazing experience and while I am very happy with my 16th place and 23hr13min finish, I hope I will get the chance to improve on that in the future. I will not bore you with details and a race report, no, I have saved that for another outlet and will get you all with my UTMF tale at a later date. What I will say is UTMF was really hard. Super steep single track,  flat fast road and everything in-between. While I prefer 100% single trail in the mountains, I can appreciate a race that requires a wide range of skill sets for one to excel at.

I learnt many things during the 100mile race, but my biggest lesson in Japan came post race and that was if you want to make it big in Japan you don’t need to be very good at running, you just need someone that is really, really good to sign your arse.

julien signing

signedYeap, that’s the easiest way I have figured out how to get my photo taken in Japan, but ladies, “my face is up here…..”

It should be noted I asked Julien to sign my chest.

Now to the more serious matter of TNF100 in Australia this weekend. I am still a bit tired and sore from UTMF (3 weeks between the 2 races). I have managed to get a few “runs” in (Kind of a stretch to call them that) but I have mostly been sticking to my beer and chocolate recovery diet, with and (un) healthy dose of sitting on my arse. TNF100 2013 will be very similar to the last 2 TNF100s for me in that I will be on the start line with a few niggles and will be running in pain. I told myself after last year’s TNF100 I would only race it again when it was a goal focus race for me- I will focus extra hard on it when I pack my bags on Wednesday for Australia.

It will be great to get back to the Blue Mountains, which are not really mountains, but are a funny shade of Blue and very very cool. It is a really fun course (oh yes, I can hear the whining about fire roads and stairs….) and a great event that I have really enjoyed being a part of the last 2 years. And I get to see the crew from Salomon Australia, as well as Salomon Running Team mates Ryan, Jeremy and Hiroko that are also racing.

Can’t wait!!

MW_110514_TNF100_0753Running down the Megalong Valley, TNF100 2011. I think I was still in 4th?? but got past by Mick, Brendan and Marcus (doing relay??) among a few others shortly after this.


2 thoughts on “How to make it big in Japan

  1. Under 24hrs? Amazing mate. Amazing. That image of you taking a marker pen from behind is disturbing. I cannot erase. Good luck in the blue hills. Happy trails.

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