2011/2012 Summer (into winter and then summer…) Running Results

Oct 2011- Bell Hill- 19km- 4th, 1hr33- Race Report
Nov-Tararua Southern Crossing- 35km, 2200m vert- 2nd, 5hr03- Race Report
Dec- Kepler Challenge- 60km- 1800m vert- 5th, 5hr29- Race Report
Later Dec/early Jan- First born child! Hell Yeah, can’t wait- not to many race plans after this for a while……
2012- OK- Never mind that about the above line- Isabella is here (!! 🙂 ), but the racing goes on….
3rd Feb- Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon- 2nd, 4hr50min (marathon PB)- Race Report
18th Feb- Hong Kong 100km Ultra Trail Race- 4500m+ D- 10th, 11hr45min- Race Report
17th March-Ben Lomond Assault, Moke Lake, QT- 10km, 1100m vert? DNS- Achilles still not right
5th May- Hamner 1/2 marathon- my 1/2 marathon début! 1hr18min, 5th place
19th May TNF100 Australia, Blue Mountain, NSW Australia- 100km, 4500m+. 10hr22min, 6th place- Report Here
4th August- Canadian Death Race, Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada- 125km, 4300m+. 1st, 13hr27min- Race Report HERE
23rd September- Yurrebilla 56KM Ultra, Adelaide, South Australia- 1st, 4hr54, course record
3rd November- Rocky Man Adventure Team Race, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. individual 32km, 1500mD+ road/trail run- 11th, 3hr11. Team- 6th over all
1st December- Kepler Challenge- 60km, 2000mD+- 11th, 5hr36 (sick week before- very very happy with result despite being slowest Kepler)

2010/2011 Running Results
Now for some rest- then bring on 2012!! Bigger and better!

2009/10 Mountain Running!

  • 18/10-Crater Rim 20km- 1st, 1hr29
  • 31/10- Flagpole Run Up 21km- 1st, 1hr28 (possible Course Record)
  • 11/11- Mt Vernon Run Up 7km- 3rd, 35min
  • 21/11- Molesworth 84.7km Ultra- 3rd, 7hr44
  • 13/2- Wanka Skyline 27km, 1300m vert- 2nd, 2hr58min
  • 6/3- Avalanche Peak Challenge 26km, 1100m vert- 1st, 2hr28min58sec
  • 21/3- Mt Lyford 9km, 865m vert- 1st, 54mins38sec Course Record
  • 17/4- NZ Mt Running Champs, 13.5km, 1300m vert- 10th, 1hr17min
  • 24/4- Routeburn Classic, 32km, 1200m vert- 1st- 2hr53min20sec

2009/10 Summery- 9 races, 8 top 3 finishes, 5 wins, 2 course records (Flagpole & Mt Lyford), and a heap of fun!

Trail/ Mountain Running Races for 2008/09 summer
-01/11- Flagpole Run Up– 19km-5th, 1hr40min
-12/11- Mt Vernon Run Up– 7km up and down Mt Vernon- 6th, 36min54sec
-07/03- Avalanche Peak Challange– 23km mt run, summiting 1823m Avalanche Peak-6th, 2hr23min05sec
09/05- Routeburn Classic– 32.6 km race on the Routeburn Track- 6th place, 3hr 12min