Routeburn Predictions+Tiredness+Injury=Rant

So the Routeburn Classic is this weekend and  this is the part when I would normally say “take the following with a grain of salt, try not to get hurt feeling if your name is not listed here and try not to fold under the pressure if it is”, but it seems despite this warning of what would normally follow there are some people out there that still get there feels hurt. After the TuM prediction post I wrote I was more or less accused of being a sexist, this was after stating that I didn’t know enough about the womans field to make an fair call on that race. I think the person had me confused with a full time professional writer/reported, rather than some one that has a personal blog, with zero obligations attached to it. I remember reading once on a climbing forum about what was the most common climbing related injury. I don’t think it was #1, but “Hurt Feelings” as a result of internet forums/blogs was one of the most common injury’s in climbing. I think they same is likely true in running and most other sports/life in general. I say this not only as a result  of my silly little blog but also from a reaction I seen to a story written by a major PR company. I will not go into details (don’t want to hurt anyones feels), but the reaction was so stupid! Anyway,  this person is fragile and the last I want them doing is crying into their key board because of some thing that I wrote, or worse yet, didn’t write……

Its like spider mans uncle said- “with great power comes great responsibly” so I should really respect this crazy blogging power. Or?! at least let these people know how to access this amazing power- its or if you prefer- get after it you crazy kids!

At least no I know that the 14,000 odd visits this blog has had are not all from my mum and MattB.

As I am not gonna do any predictions, I will open the floor on that subject for all…….

I will comment on my own pre race prediction- I am tired and slow. 9.5hrs with 4500m vert over the easter bunnies birthday weekend makes me a little tired, mind you I did “clean” Camp Saddle yesterday from the BR side, something I haven’t done all summer. This would have help add to my tiredness, but shows I am still reasonably strong on the hills, despite little real hill work over the summer. I have done about 3 speed sessions since November, so no ones should have to worry to much about being out kicked by me in those final flat kms on Saturday. Add in the fat ankle and things aren’t looks that flash for the repeat win at the Routeburn, but I am super happy with TNF100 prep that is 2 weeks after(more on this later).

I am pretty sure this will be the 10th Routeburn Race (it was the Routeburn Rage at first). In that time I think only 7 people have done sub 3hrs and only 3 sub 2hr55, with no one going sub 2hr50. Hard to say how those figures will be looking after Saturday. I think there are 2-6 folks that might be able to go under 3hrs, but I don’t think Usshers record will be in threat, time will tell.


Long Spur Slog

Been a while since the last post. I haven’t been running a heap, but getting out most days. Been working building the new Hogs Back mountain bike track, so have been able to run to/from work!

I have the Routeburn Classic in a week and TNF100 in 3 weeks (more about these 2 later), but the main focus has changed from a 32km mountain run to a 100k one. On that note I wanted to go a little longer today. Not super long as I am pretty sore from the track building. Rather than get a solid 5-6hrs, I want to do around 3hrs a day over the easter break. I am gonna be tired for the Routeburn thats for sure. So today, with some new tunes from DKM and with George and Oscar I headed up Mt Cloudesley via Long Spur and back via Leith Hill.

Long Spur/Mt Cloudesley in cloud

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